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sassy-sarcastic-asshole said : Ship me please? I have a face page and icon is me💕 

You my darling have the most beautiful smile i’ve seen in days :$ you are amazing, Cameron or all of them, you seem very kind, love you xo :-*

allmineeee said : Can i get a ship baess? And also im hella sad and i just dont know what to do with my life anymore... I love you! Glad your back (: 

Ok yes of c, Hayes!
and listen, you are beautiful and full of life and you are in your best years and you are not supposed to feel like that. Go outside and sing out loud, scream and cry until you feel better, lights some candles and take a bubble bath, listen to your favourite songs on high volume and sing along, do everything but feel sad. I love you, we love you, you mean to us and please, be happy :-*
i’m happy you messaged me, love you tons baby girl !

serenaalexandria said : Ship please? I have brown hair, Brown eyes, And I'm 5'4 Thanks! ❤️ (That's me in the icon!) 

hey sweetie, you are gorg and i ship you with matt, have a great day and stay beautiful :-*

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Soooo, i was out of tumblr for a while, a long while and i am finally back. From now on i’ll be posting everyday again and i want you to know that i missed all of you!

inbox me:

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leave your requests here

blow my inbox, rn

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