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itstrin said : Sorry babe, I forgot to add this to it haha. I have really long hair, pretty tanned and I'm a cheerleader and I love netflix and cuddling 

This helped too.

itstrin said : You're actually so gorgeous omggggg, can we be friends> Yeah? K, thanks(: I ship you with Shawn or Sam(: can I have a ship please? 5'3, light brown hair, golden brown eyes, loud and adventurous, I loooove music, really talkative (seriously, I hardly ever shut up) and 14(: thank you darling(: 

Thank you baby girl, you are so kind :$ and yes we canbe friends.
So here we go, i ship you with Shawn or Matt. Shawn because of you interests in music and Matt because i feel like he never shuts up too. Justkidding. But yeah, thank you for the ship too,and have a great day.
Stay beautiful ! xoxo

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I think Shawn is all shy and cute in front of everybody, but if you two were dating and were home alone, he’d rip your clothes off and grab your ass and kiss every inch of your body and idk bye

picturing that made me WEAK

Don’t do this to me

I just did

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